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Paperless Documents

Paperless Documents

Save a tree!  Save a stamp!  Plus, no additional cost!  
Sign up today to receive paperless documents by following the instructions below. 

 Current borrowers with an online account:

1.    Log into your account 
2.    Select "Paperless Document Options" highlighted in green on the right-hand side of the   
        Borrower Menu
3.    Read the "Paperless Documents disclosures" near the bottom of the page and close the page
        Note:  You must view this disclosure to continue enrollment
4.    Select "Yes, I agree to Paperless Documents as described in the disclosures" 
5.    You will then receive a message that you may view your bill and select tax information online 

- OR -

Current borrowers who do not have an online account:

Please create an online account and follow the steps above to enroll in Paperless Documents.