LendGoal is here to make sure your loan helps you meet your goals.

For many of you, this is the beginning of your financial future and we want to make sure you get off on the right foot.

Part of making the most of your loan is making a realistic budget and sticking to it. There are a lot of ways to save while you're in school without doing without the important things. Get started by making a budget, then check out these tips to saving while you're in school.

Estimate how much you'll need for the year.

What will you spend on each of these things?

Tuition and Fees

Don't forget lab fees or any other expenses you'll pay to your school for your classes.

Living Expenses

This includes the cost of room and board if you'll live on campus, and rent if you live off-campus.

Text Books and School Supplies

Don't forget to include money in your budget for a computer or any other technology you'll be required to have.


Include snacks for your dorm room if you live on campus, and groceries if you live off campus. Don't forget to pack your lunch to save instead of going to a cafe or eating fast food every day.


Takeout coffee, delivery pizza, and "just an order of fries" count!


Include supplies, dry cleaning, and cash for the laundromat if you don't have access to machines.


How often will you go home to visit? Will you go to away games to cheer on your team?


You can't always count on getting what you need for your birthday.

Health Insurance

Covered by your parents? Lucky! If not, make sure you have a plan that protects you.

Car-Related Expenses

If you have a car, how often will you drive it? And how much can you expect to spend on repairs and insurance?


Going to movies and concerts, and visiting museums and historical places are part of the college experience. You won't want to miss out.

Now, add in any other expenses we missed, and you'll know what you need to get by.

Now estimate how much you have available to cover your expenses.

Add up these numbers and subtract them from your total above.

Planned Earnings

Can you work the desk in the computer lab? Serve coffee off-campus? A part-time job can help offset your expenses and may make you more apt to schedule study time.


Keep an emergency fund, but you may have worked more hours on vacation to pay for school expenses.

Parent Contributions

Or any other generous benefactor.

Scholarships and Grants

Explore all your options. You never know what kind of money is out there for you!

Once you've subtracted your estimated expenses from the money you have available, you'll know how much you need to make up the difference. A loan is one way to make up that difference and LendGoal can help you find one that fits your budget and helps you reach your goals.

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