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Automatic Bank Draft

Automatic Bank Draft will save you time and money!  No more writing checks to us each month or finding a stamp and remembering to mail the payment. This greatly reduces the chances of the payment being late and being charged a late fee. And best of all, this service is free of charge.

QuarterBacksm Program
Sign up to have your loan payments automatically drafted from your bank account and we will lower your interest rate by .25%.
There are three ways to enroll for automatic bank draft.  You can simply enroll online (select "Payment Options" and then "Bank Draft" after logging in), contact a customer service representative to set your account up over the phone, or download and complete the automatic bank draft form and return it to us along with a voided check to:
                                   South Carolina Student Loan (SCSL)
                                   P.O. Box 102423
                                   Columbia, S.C. 29224
Things to remember:
  • If the draft is dishonored or returned, a $25.00 fee will be added to your student loan account.  Please note that this fee may periodically increase without notice to you.
  • Your automatic bank draft will be cancelled during periods of no pay forbearance.  If you wish to continue your draft or reinstate your draft after the completion of your forbearance, please log into your account to submit your request.
  • To cancel or make changes to your automatic bank draft, please log into your account.  No edits or cancellations can be done within 7 days of your next draft date.