Will you really go anywhere in the state to make a presentation for free?  Will the parents be subject to a high pressure sales pitch?

Yes, we will come to any school in South Carolina, large or small, at no charge.  None of presentations have a ‘sales pitch’.  No one will be asked to purchase or commit to anything.  Our goal is to educate and assist.

Financial aid presentations can be so boring, what makes SC Student Loan’s different? 

Years of experience in both the financial aid arena and in public speaking makes a unique and memorable presentation.  No one falls asleep, all laugh and everyone takes home valuable information. 

What if we schedule a presentation or workshop and the turnout is low?

Every counselor worries that we will come to their school and no one will show up.  We are willing to take the chance.  We ask that you do your best to get the word out and however many attend is fine.  We have also found that subsequent years almost always see an increase in attendance as word spreads that the session is worth attending. Invite us and don’t worry.

What equipment do you need for a presentation?

We use PowerPoint with our presentations.  We can bring a laptop and projector or use yours if the venue is equipped.  We will bring handouts.  FAFSA Submissions workshops need access to computers and the internet.  Please be sure there are no restrictions that will keep us from visiting www.fafsa.gov.

Whose income goes on the FAFSA in divorced or separated situation or when the student lives with someone other than a parent?

Only biological parents and legally adopted parents enter their information on the FAFSA.  The biological parent the student lived with the most in the 12 months prior to completing the FAFSA should enter their information.  If the time was split equally, or if the student did not live with either parent during the year, the biological parent who provided the most financial support in the prior 12 months should enter their information. 

When should a family submit the FAFSA?

The FAFSA must be submitted annually.  Submit as soon as possible after October 1 each year beginning with the senior year in high school.

Is the FAFSA really necessary, particularly if the family doesn’t think they will qualify for any need based aid?

Yes, FAFSA is the first step for all federal need based aid but it is also used by many schools in the awarding of institutional aid.  It is also the application for the SC Tuition Grant and is even used in the awarding of student loans.  The FAFSA is simple and quick and every family going to college should complete.