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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?  Look here for the answer!  If your question is not covered here, please contact us.

I need to talk to a loan counselor. What number do I dial?
We have a separate, toll-free number set aside specifically for our financial aid and business office colleagues. That number is (800) 488-9875.  In the Midlands area, you can call (803) 772-8939.

I have a student who wants to use SC Student Loan as their lender.  How do I certify the loan?
There are several options available for certifying loans with South Carolina Student Loan.  Loans can be certified electronically via Commonline. 

You can also certify loans online by logging on to I-745, our online loan management platform for financial aid administrators.  If you are not signed up for access to I-745 and would like to establish an account, please contact one of our loan counselors at (800) 488-9875 for assistance.
If you choose to certify by paper, you can download the appropriate loan certification form from our website and fax the completed form to us at (803) 772-9410.

Does South Carolina Student Loan offer a private loan?
Yes, we offer the Palmetto Assistance Loan (PAL).

On the pre-application for the Palmetto Assistance Loan, my college is not listed as an eligible college for this loan. Why?
If your college is a for-profit college, that could be one reason. Our Board of Directors has restricted access to this loan to only non-profit colleges.

But if your college is a non-profit institution, it could be simply because we are not set up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) with your college. If this is the case, please contact one of our loan counselors at 1-800-488-9875 to inquire about completing an EFT contract. We will only send PAL funds by EFT.

What is the South Carolina Teachers Loan?
It is a state-funded program that SC Student Loan administers to attract talented young people into the teaching profession. Read more about our SC Teachers Loan Programs.

How can I make adjustments to a Palmetto Assistance Loan or SC Teachers Loan?
You can make most loan adjustments by logging on to I-745 and selecting the Revise School Certification section.  Enter the borrower’s SSN and choose the loan you need to adjust.  You can cancel disbursements, add new disbursements, change certified amounts, and update grade levels, among other revisions.  I-745 also provides a comment text box, which allows you to put any specific instructions you need us to pay particular attention to. 

SC Student Loan also accepts Commonline change transaction files.  If you prefer, you can also contact one of our loan counselors directly by calling (800) 488-9875.  They will be happy to assist you in making the revisions you need.

How do I set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?
In order to be set up for electronic funds transfer, simply contact one of our loan counselors at (800) 488-9875.  They will work with you to get the proper banking information from your institution. Our accounting staff will be happy to follow up with you as well in order to make sure the funds are received properly.

Can we put our loan disbursements on hold for extended periods of time, such as holidays or between semesters?
Yes, it’s simple!  After logging on to I-745, click on School Administration, then Edit School Information.  On that page, you will see a variety of hold options (hold EFTs, checks, or response files).  Click the box next to any of those you wish to be held, and then click Submit at the bottom of the page.  Your disbursements and/or response files will remain on hold until you log back on to I-745 and remove the holds.  

If you are not signed up for access to I-745 and would like to establish an account, please contact one of our loan counselors at (800) 488-9875 for assistance.

I have a student whose spring money hasn’t arrived yet.  Is there something wrong?
In most cases, this occurs when SC Student Loan has received information from the National Student Clearinghouse indicating the student has separated from your school.  This could be a result of the student graduating, withdrawing, or ceasing to be enrolled at least half-time.  When we receive enrollment updates of this nature, we are required to cancel any future disbursements for the student borrower. 

If the student is enrolled at least half-time and is eligible for the cancelled disbursement(s), you have two options.  You can either certify a new loan for the current enrollment period, or you can contact us to update the enrollment information so the disbursement can be reinstated.  If you choose to reinstate the cancelled disbursement, we will need you to provide the current enrollment status and effective date of that enrollment status, in addition to an updated anticipated graduation date for the student. 
Please note that updated enrollment information must come directly from an authorized official at the school.  We can not accept enrollment updates from a student. 

To update enrollment status, contact one of our loan counselors.  We can accept updated enrollment information from a school via phone, fax, or email.

Where are you located? 
Mailing address:  PO Box 102405; Columbia, SC 29224

South Carolina Student Loan is located at 8906 Two Notch Road in the Northeast area of Columbia.  Get Map

Office hours: Loan Originations' staff, loan counselors, and our repayment representatives are available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.