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Loans for Spring

If you've received a confirmation code in the mail, you're prequalified to refinance your student loans with us. Let's get started.

Money for tuition, textbooks, and more.

Low 3.875%* interest rates. Flexible repayment plans.

Need money for next semester? Our student loans cover everything—from tuition to textbooks—all at a low interest rate.

But better rates are just the beginning. When you work with us, we offer flexible repayment plans, free guidance from our in-house loan experts, and so much more.

But you’ve got to act now. Interest rates this good won’t last forever. Lock in your low rate while you still can!

*APR 3.875%. Rate shown includes a .25% reduction for bank draft. Rates based on credit and terms.

Loan Term Calculator

Enter your desired loan amount and your estimated interest rate to learn more about the difference between taking out a 10 year loan and a 15 year loan.

*Calculations for the current debt are based on the interest rate and loan amount you entered above and assume the annual percentage rate is fixed over the life of the loan.

10 Year Term:

15 Year Term:

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Our loans are exclusively for South Carolina students and parents—as well as students attending school in the Palmetto State. 

We’ve got loan options for people at all stages of their academic journey, whether you’re a rising college freshman or a grad school student. 

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Our student loans can cover expenses like: 

  • Tuition 

  • Transportation 

  • Campus housing 

  • Course textbooks 

  • Dining hall meals 

  • And more 

Plus, when you partner with us, you’ll enjoy flexible repayment plans and free guidance from our in-house experts for the lifetime of your loan. 

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Student Loans you Need for Spring

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