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Navigating your financial aid options can be confusing. We've collected all our best tips about how to make the most of free money, reduce your loan amount, and succeed in college. And if you can't find what you need here, just get in touch with us!



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The Student Aid Index will replace the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) on the FAFSA beginning in 2024-2025. Use this calculator to figure out what your Student Aid Index will be. This number will determine how much need-based federal student aid you'll be eligible for!

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Our scholarships page will guide you through all the different options available to you, then you can use our scholarships search tool to find grants and scholarships from state and national organizations. Just enter your demographic info and we’ll filter the list for you! 


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Access to our trained advisers is just one perk of using South Carolina Student Loan. They’ll help you maximize your scholarships and grants (ie: free money!) and then help you make up the difference with a smaller loan amount that you’ll be able to repay faster.


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