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Loans Tailored to You 

We offer flexible repayment plans, so you can pick the best terms for your budget. Some parents and students prefer predictable, low monthly payments.  Others may be more interested in paying their loan off faster, knowing that may require higher monthly payments.  

Ways to Save    

One way to save is to make interest payments while you're in college.  Making interest payments while you are enrolled means less interest would be capitalized (added to the principal balance) before you enter your full repayment period.  Additionally, electing to pay your accruing monthly interest while enrolled usually means a lower interest rate.  

Another way to save is to pay back your loan faster. Use our loan term calculator to understand how the length of your term and your rate could impact your monthly payments. 


Student Aid Index Calculator

The Student Aid Index will replace the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) on the FAFSA beginning in 2024-2025. Use this calculator to figure out what your Student Aid Index will be. This number will determine how much need-based federal student aid you'll be eligible for!

Loan Term Calculator

Enter your desired loan amount and your estimated interest rate to learn more about the difference between taking out a 10 year loan and a 15 year loan.

*Calculations for the current debt are based on the interest rate and loan amount you entered above and assume the annual percentage rate is fixed over the life of the loan.

10 Year Term:

15 Year Term:

Refinance Calculator

Wondering if now's the time to refinance? See how much you can save once you graduate.

Savings Calculator

Enter your outstanding federal and private education loan information below, and find out how much you'll save by refinancing with us.
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Your Estimated Savings*

Based on the information you entered, accrued interest will exceed your monthly payment amount. Please verify the information entered above.

Term Interest Rate Monthly Payment Total Payment' Total Savings'
5-Year 4.75% $22.51 $1,350.50 None
10-Year 5.5% $13.02 $1,562.78 None
15-Year 6% $10.13 $1,822.73 None
20-Year 6% $10.13 $1,822.73 None
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* Calculations for the current debt are based on the interest rate, amount, and monthly payment you entered above and assume the annual percentage rate is fixed over the life of the loan. Rates shown reflect the lowest rate possible a borrower can receive. Rates may be higher based on credit score and/or underwriter review.

Talk to an Expert.

Access to our trained advisers is just one perk of using South Carolina Student Loan. They’ll help you maximize your scholarships and grants (ie: free money!) and then help you make up the difference with a smaller loan amount that you’ll be able to repay faster.


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