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Why Refinance?

One of the top reasons to refinance is to lower your interest rate, which can save you thousands over the life of your loan. With rates as low as 6.250%*, now's a great time to refinance.

There are plenty of other refinancing benefits, too. You can lower your monthly payment, get rid of your debt faster, or consolidate multiple loans to name a few.

A great way to get started is to run the numbers with our savings calculator. And we encourage you to get a refinancing consult with one of our advisers to learn about all your options.

*APR rates from 6.260% - 9.005%. Low rate shown includes a .25% reduction for bank draft. Rates based on credit and terms.

Savings Calculator

Enter your outstanding federal and private education loan information below, and find out how much you'll save by refinancing with us.
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Your Estimated Savings*

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Term Interest Rate Monthly Payment Total Payment' Total Savings'
5-Year 4.75% $22.51 $1,350.50 None
10-Year 5.5% $13.02 $1,562.78 None
15-Year 6% $10.13 $1,822.73 None
20-Year 6% $10.13 $1,822.73 None
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* Calculations for the current debt are based on the interest rate, amount, and monthly payment you entered above and assume the annual percentage rate is fixed over the life of the loan. Rates shown reflect the lowest rate possible a borrower can receive. Rates may be higher based on credit score and/or underwriter review.


What is refinancing? And is it right for me?

Get Expertise & Guidance from Local Advisers

We're here to help. In a nutshell, student loan refinancing is getting a loan under new terms to pay off one or more of your loans.

Refinancing can help you save money and simplify your lending plans in a variety of ways. Our local South Carolina advisers are eager to help you weigh the pros and cons of any number of refinancing options.

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Refinancing Benefits

  • Lower your interest rate
    Since taking out your loans, market conditions may have changed or you may be eligible for a lower rate because you have an improved credit score. Explore our rates

  • Get rid of your debt sooner
    The faster you pay off your loan, the less interest you owe. Plus, if you decide to shorten your loan term, you often qualify for a lower interest rate, saving you even more. 

  • Consolidate your loans
    Are you making payments to several lenders? By refinancing you can combine all your loans together into one convenient monthly payment.
  • Lower your monthly payment
    Are you going to grad school, buying a home, or starting a business? Refinancing may help you lower your monthly payment so you can commit your resources somewhere else.
  • Set a fixed rate for the life of your loan
    If any of your loans have variable interest rates, that means that your rate could increase over time as the market conditions change. Refinance with us, and lock in your interest rate for the life of the loan.

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Our Refinancing Rates

Loan Term Moderate/Average Credit Score
(670+ FICO)
Good/Excellent Credit Score
(730+ FICO)
5 Year 4.57%–5.24% 2.99%–3.91%
10 Year 5.24%–5.91% 3.91%–4.57%
15 Year 5.91%–6.57% 4.57%–5.24%
20 Year 6.57%–7.24% 5.24%–5.91%

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