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Financial Aid Awareness Services (all at no cost to the school or the family)

Financial Aid Night Presentations
Learn the basics of all the federal and state programs, eligibility criteria application processes, award amounts, things to look for, things to avoid and more.  Provided on your campus this entertaining and captivating 45 minute presentation will make sure your families understand the financial aid process.

FAFSA Submission Workshops
Submitting the FAFSA is the first and most important step in starting the financial aid process.  Some, especially first time applicants, can be intimidated by the form and the procedure.  Our trained and experienced staff member will come to your computer lab and assist families as they actually complete and submit this all important form.  

College planning support

We back up our service with helpful online tools and tips. We understand that planning leads to saving, which is why SC Student Loan's College Planning Center  provides college prep tools for families sending children to college next year or in 15 years.  

SC Student Loan's College Planning Center

The college world is different, the people, the teachers, the work loan, the activities, the expectations.  The Next Step:Transition from High School to College  will address the things high school seniors are wondering but might be afraid to ask. Whether in a classroom or an evening presentation our staff will bring this presentation to your students.   

In addition we have fun a  filled presentation designed for the parents of seniors which we will gladly bring to your school.  Off to College: A Survival Guide for Parents is filled with tips, suggestions and ways deal with the transition and changes that occur as students move into college.  You have been looking forward to and dreading this day for years, why not make the most of it?  From 'move in day' suggestions to dealing with homesickness there is useful information for every parent.   

Student loan services

While we always want students to get all the 'free' money they can in the form of grants and scholarships the unfortunate reality is the high cost of college often requires borrowing.  In those cases where families need to borrow we are able to assist with  our low cost Palmetto Assistance Loan is tailored to the family's situation.   We are proud to provide your students and families expert, local, personalized support from advisers who care about their success.    

Palmetto Assistance Loan