Higher education should mean career opportunities. Project BOLD focuses on employment partnerships, reduced loan payments, and increased access. It's simple; Better Outcomes, Less Debt...

BOLD's Purpose:

South Carolina Student Loan Corporation hopes to connect students, educators, and employers. The focus is to create an outcome-driven process to develop career pathways leading to employment in key areas of our state.

Outcome Driven:

  • Graduation
  • Job Placement
  • Sustainable Wages
  • Employer repayment agreements

The Process is Simple (we will guide you through it):

  • Contact us below for eligibility information
  • Sign anĀ agreement with your chosen employer
  • Complete the loan applicationĀ 
  • Receive your certificate or degree
  • Begin work and have your loan forgiven by employer payments

SC Employer Partnerships:

SC Student Loan partners with employers around the state that are focused on solving workforce needs. By partnering through Project BOLD, our employers are meeting their needs and paying your loan balance through your service. Interested in learning how to have the promise of a career, and your debt paid while you work? Contact us below to have our counselors walk you through your options to begin your pathway to success.

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