About SC Scholarships: Palmetto Fellows, LIFE, SC Hope

Video Transcript

Hi, I am Destra Capers, director of Outreach at South Carolina Student Loan. Let's talk about scholarships. 

So Palmetto Fellows is one of the state scholarships that I like to talk about. Palmetto Fellows is a very rigorous scholarship, however, it is connected to a decent amount of money. So it is available for eight semesters or for four years, and you will have to go through certain processes to make sure you're eligible for it, whether it's SATs, ACTs, GPAs—they look at all of that to figure out if you qualify.

The next one that I wanna talk about is probably the most awarded scholarship, and that is the Life Scholarship that is available at two and four-year institutions as well as Palmetto Fellows. This one is a little different because the price point is a little lower and the accessibility is higher, so it's the most awarded because the GPA comes down a little bit.SAT and ACT scores come down a little bit and you can kind of mix and match based upon your strengths. 

The last State scholarship I wanna talk about is our SC Hope Scholarship. So our Hope Scholarship is available only at four-year institutions and they call it "hope" because the hope is that you'll qualify for life the next year. So you will look at whatever their  criteria is for that scholarship and it may change year to year. If you're eligible for that, it's only available your freshman year. And then hopefully you get the Life Scholarship the next year.

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