Which loan is right for you?

Video Transcript

I am Destra Capers, director of Outreach at South Carolina Student Loan. Here are some tips when navigating student loans. So when we're talking about student loans, you need to keep in mind there are a couple different types.

So we have subsidized, unsubsidized, the plus loan as well as private loans. Students should be aware of one, their repayment terms, two, their interest rates, and three, who is actually responsible for paying the funds back.

I would actually recommend that families evaluate their loan options spring of their junior year, just to get an idea of what the interest rates are for federal products, as well as starting to understand what documents you will need in order to complete that FAFSA. So if you go to the student aid.gov website, there's great resources there for you to start navigating that process.

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